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Welcome to Perdue Foods. We are dedicated to delivering to you a wide variety of great-tasting products in our PERDUE®, KINGS DELIGHT®, and HARVESTLAND® brands. As a multi-branded company, Perdue Foods can offer you more innovative product choices to help you meet your customers’ needs. Our trusted brands offer an array of fresh, refrigerated, frozen and deli products including premium all-natural*, process-verified and antibiotic-free items.

Read below to learn about our brands, products and commitment to quality, food safety, the environment and more.

About Our Brands

Our chickens and turkeys eat a 100% veggie diet.

A lot of chicken companies cut corners by feeding their chickens and turkeys all sorts of animal by-products. But our birds are always fed a 100% vegetarian diet, including locally sourced corn and soybeans, and marigolds. And we never use added hormones or steroids.**

HARVESTLAND® branded products come from animals raised without antibiotics and on a strict, all-vegetarian diet with no animal by-products.

No Antibiotics—Ever!

Our animals receive no antibiotics—ever! It's a difference achieved through a deeper commitment to animal welfare, shared by our farm families. We also feed our animals an all-vegetarian diet that enhances flavor1 and avoids consumer concerns related to the use of animal by-products in livestock feed. With HARVESTLAND® products, you'll benefit from the universal appeal and consumer confidence that comes from products produced without the use of antibiotics or animal by-products.

With “natural” menu mentions topping the list as the #1 descriptor—and growing 7% year over year2—it’s time to bring delicious antibiotic-free foods like our all-natural* HARVESTLAND® brand products to your operation. We have the products to fit every segment and cooking platform. Differentiate your menu today with great-tasting HARVESTLAND® proteins.

*Minimally Processed, No Artificial Ingredients. **Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones or steroids in poultry and pork. 1 Perdue Food Testing Research, July 2007–September 2009 2 The NPD Group/CREST®, 2011

Our history and philosophy

Perdue is a family of companies—including Perdue Foods and Perdue AgriBusiness—with a shared history of family ownership and a common vision: to become the most-trusted name in food and agricultural products.

As the third generation to lead Perdue, Jim Perdue is proudly building on the foundation of trust that goes back to the founding of our company on his grandfather’s farm in 1920.

We know that trust is earned every day through the quality and wholesomeness of our products; the service and reliability we provide our customers; our relationships with farm families; and our leadership in food safety, poultry welfare and environmental stewardship.

We're committed to quality

Perdue was built upon a foundation of quality, a tradition described in our Quality Policy, a document shared with every Perdue associate.

We shall produce products and provide services that meet or exceed the expectations of our customers at all times.

  • We shall not be content to be of equal quality to our competitors.
  • Our commitment is to be increasingly superior.
  • Contribution to quality is a responsibility shared by everyone in the Perdue organization.

We're committed to food safety

Our comprehensive "farm-to-fork" food safety approach is an industry-leading program that includes documented and audited practices covering every aspect of live production and processing. This program is in addition to our strict adherence to all government regulations and programs.

All Perdue processing and further processing plants have USDA inspectors on-site. To further ensure the safety, wholesomeness and quality of our products, each Perdue processing facility has a food protection manager certified by ServSafe, and quality assurance managers trained as Certified Food Safety Professionals, a designation recognized by the National Health Association. All of our food-processing associates receive mandatory food safety training.

Perdue is also committed to educating customers and consumers on the proper handling and preparation of poultry products.

We're committed to the family farm

We're part of the agricultural community and committed to preserving the family farm.

At Perdue, we never forget that our company began as a family farm. We realize that our business depends upon the local farmers who raise our chickens and turkeys and who provide us with grain. We are part of the agricultural community and are committed to preserving the independent family farm.

We’re committed to animal welfare

Perdue and our independent farm-family partners share a belief that it’s our responsibility to treat the animals in our care with respect.

We're committed to environmental stewardship

Perdue is committed to environmental stewardship and shares that commitment with the farm families who raise our animals. We believe it is possible to preserve the family farm and provide a safe, abundant and affordable food supply, while protecting our communities and the environment.

Perdue is a leader in addressing the full range of environmental challenges related to agriculture and food processing, investing millions of dollars in research, new technology, equipment upgrades, awareness and training.

Read more about our environmental stewardship, resource conservation, green energy and community outreach programs.

At Perdue Foods, we recognize the extraordinary measures that you go through to please your customers and ensure a repeat visit. We know customers put their trust in the PERDUE® name and our all-natural*, antibiotic-free HARVESTLAND® brand. We’re committed every day to maintaining that trust. That’s just one of many the reasons that we’re the perfect partner for your business.

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*Minimally Processed, No Artificial Ingredients
**Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones or steroids in poultry or pork.